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Hermetic Sealing

Our products feature a secure closure, significantly reducing the risk of strong winds, dirt, and external pollution entering your space.

Thermal Insulation

The design of our doors and windows reduces heat transmission into your home, creating a cooler environment and leading to significant energy savings.

Maximum Security

Costa Windows PVC windows are engineered to provide the utmost protection against intruders, offering your family unparalleled security and peace of mind.

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Acoustic Insulation

Featuring double laminated glazing and welded corners, our products effectively insulate sound, ensuring a tranquil atmosphere in your home.

European Technology

Our doors and windows meet high-quality standards, offering an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Multiple Colors and Finishes

Discover the perfect finish and colors within our extensive array of options, available for any new project or renovation.

Costa Windows Los Cabos Ventanas deslizable

Sliding Windows

Perfect for easy furniture placement as the sliding sash or leaves do not occupy interior room space while opening.

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Costa Windows Los Cabos Ventanas abatible

Casement Windows

Casement window systems are ideal for providing thermal and acoustic insulation, while also simplifying tasks like ventilation and...

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Costa Windows Los Cabos Ventanas fija

Fixed Windows

A staple in contemporary architecture. Ideal for spaces or openings that do not require ventilation, offering exceptional sound insulation.

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Costa Windows Los Cabos Ventanas oscilobatientes

Tilt and Turn Windows

This window opening system allows the sash to combine horizontal and vertical openings in...

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Costa Windows Los Cabos Ventanas proyeccion

Projection Windows

Projection windows are the perfect solution for increasing light and ventilation. Ideal for spaces needing acoustic and thermal comfort.

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Costa Windows Los Cabos Ventanas vasista

Hopper Windows

With an inward intermediate opening, these allow control over ventilation. Ideal for acoustic and thermal insulation.

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Costa Windows Los Cabos Ventanas pivotantes

Pivot Windows

Thanks to their pressure closure, wide field of vision, and minimal interior space invasion, these windows allow for regulated ventilation to achieve a level...

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